Real Estate Management

  • "The employees of Prime Project fulfill their duties professionally and honestly, while maintaining very good direct contact both with us as the owner of the facilities and with the demanding tenants of the premises located in our properties, including Alior Bank S.A., Santander Consumer Bank SA, and Credit Agricole. "

    Josef Stoppel, Prezes Zarządu MP Corp

  • "On behalf of the Housing Community 'Legnicka Park Popowice', administered by Prime Project, we want to recommend this company (PP) as an excellent manager. [...] The extensive experience of the company's employees in the intricacies of real estate management make PP a strong competitor to other real estate companies on the market. "

    Zarząd Wspólnoty Mieszkaniowej „Legnicka Park Popowice”

  • "The reliability and quick reaction times of the employees at Prime Project are perfectly tuned to the needs of AON Polska's real estate business, confirming time and time again the high-level competencies made available when working with Prime Project."

  • "Prime Project, which has been managing the office and service facility on Św. Mikołaja 81 / Rynek 1 in Wrocław where our office is located, has our recommendation as a professional manager of commercial facilities, able to meet even the high requirements of prestigious companies. "

  • "The company's employees are characterized by high competencies in the field of management, and thanks to their commitment and creativity, we have developed many solutions beneficial to our community."

  • “We are pleased to recommend Prime Project as a proven Real Estate Manager able to meet even the high demands of owners. "

Investment substitution, supervision, technical consulting

  • "The staff of Prime Project is a group of professional property managers, construction engineers from various industries, and a legal department that is perfectly familiar with the issues related to real estate. They form a harmonious and irreplaceable team that works efficiently and extremely effectively."

    Urszula Wyszomirska, Dyrektor Finansowo-Administracyjny Prokuratury Apelacyjnej we Wrocławiu

  • “Our experience in cooperation with the manager confirms that we can always count on the professionalism, openness, and extensive knowledge of Prime Project's employees. Their ability to anticipate problems and the wide range of services that the company provides ensure effectiveness in solving any difficulties which may arise. "

    Agnieszka Kuźmicka, Członek Zarządu Fresenius Kabi

  • We consider Prime Project to be a good, reliable, and experienced implementer of substitute investor services, guaranteeing full and professional service of the investment process. Knowing the human and financial potential we can recommend Prime Project as a trustworthy partner, with a properly prepared engineering staff to handle the investor's supervision during the implementation of the investment. "

  • "Our experience cooperating with Prime Project enables us to issue them a high mark for professionalism in the performance of assigned duties. [...] The excellent experience and professional knowledge of the team allowed an official permit to be smoothly obtained for the use of the newly built educational facility. "

  • “Prime Project: the investor's supervision was conducted with utmost diligence and in accordance with the contract. The inspectors' team performed their duties perfectly, timely, and in a professional manner. "

  • “We hereby confirm that the supervision of the investment was carried out reliably and with utmost diligence in accordance with the requirements and expectations of the client. We recommend the company Prime Project as a reliable and proven partner. "