Our company is managed by:

  • Bartłomiej Kędzior

    President of the Board / General Director

    A 1999 graduate of the Faculty of Law at the University of Wroclaw, he graduated defending his master's thesis on "Supervisory prudential norms in the new banking law", written under the guidance of prof. Fojcik-Mastalska. For a few years he worked as a lawyer for companies dealing with construction investments. In 2003 he became the President of the Management Board of City Management, dealing with investment replacement and management of office facilities, he was also a member of the Supervisory Board of Grupa Phoenix. In 2004-2006 he was the secretary of the Board of Directors of Vratislavia Holdings in Luxembourg, investing in commercial real estate in Poland in addition to serving as a member of the Supervisory Board of one of the largest Polish developers, Polnord S.A.

    In 2007 he became co-founder and President of the Management Board of Prime Project sp. o.o.

     As the General Director he coordinates the main areas of activity of Prime Project sp. z o.o: investment consulting, technical consulting, construction investment services (investor's supervision, project management, investment replacement, contract engineer services, etc.), commercialization of facilities, property management (commercial, residential and public utilities). Bartłomiej Kędzior also supervises and participates in the work of the PP Legal Department, specializing in civil (real estate) and administrative (construction, spatial development) law. He is fluent in English

  • Urszula Pacześniak

    Vice President of the Board / Head Accountant

    A graduate of the University of Economics in Wroclaw, with a major in planning and financing from the Faculty of National Economy. She also completed postgraduate studies at the University of Economics in Wroclaw in the field of accounting and tax control, receiving top marks in the process. She has a qualification certificate from the Minister of Finance (No. 11411/99) for bookkeeping services. She's gained her professional achievements and extensive experience over 27 years of work in such positions as Accounting Specialist, Accountant and Head Accountant in companies with varying business profiles. She constantly deepens her knowledge in the field of accounting by participating in training sessions, workshops, and courses, as well as solving specific practical problems in the area of finance and accounting.


    In 2007 she became co-founder and Vice President of the Board of Prime Project sp. z o.o.


    As the Head Accountant at Prime Project she manages the work of two teams: corporate accounting and housing community accounting.

  • Marek Komarowski

    Vice President of the Board / Director of the Real Estate Management Department

    Higher education focusing on engineering. A graduate with top marks in the field of Spatial Management from the Faculty of Technology and Economics at the College of Humanities in Wroclaw with a specialisation in the Design and Management of Land and Real Estate. He has been dealing with real estate management since 1993, and the 2001 acquisition of his property manager's license (No. 7705) from the Office of Housing and Urban Development attests to his expertise in the field.  For many years he's been an active member of the "Association of Real Estate Managers”,  an association of licensed property managers, where he currently serves as a member of the Audit Committee. He has long been involved in organizing courses and training programs towards a professional license for future property managers, and due to his extensive experience and knowledge in the field of real estate he has served as an expert and led classes dealing with commercial real estate.

    In 2007 he became co-founder and Vice-President of the Management Board of Prime Project.

    As the Director of the Real Estate Management Department he ensures that the high quality of services provided in the areas of economic and financial management and the proper use of property entrusted to the company's management are maintained at a suitable level. His main tasks include creating and implementing the department's budget, as well as coordinating and supervising the work of a team of administrators, property managers, and technical support staff servicing properties of various types (i.e. commercial, residential, public utility). Among his many duties he deals with supervising contracts regarding real estate management, verification of operating and investment costs, as well as maintaining good relations with clients and addressing their needs regarding the care of facilities entrusted to Prime Project. Additionally, he consults on design and functional solutions of the investments supervised by the Prime Project Technical Department.

  • Marcin Czemplik

    Coordinator of the Technical Department

Real Estate Management Department

Our licensed real estate managers, administrators and assistants constitute the core of this department. But not only: because many of our clients require comprehensive management of their real estate and, therefore, we also cooperate with specialists with extensive experience in acquiring lessees and negotiation of lease agreements to ensure that these properties are completely leased. The managers are continuously supported by the facility maintenance technicians, many experienced companies and technical subcontractors.

We also collaborate with academic institutions by participating in their internship programmes to help educate future professionals in the industry.

Technical Department

The domain of this department concerns project management, the most essential part of which comprises construction supervision; therefore, we employ and work together with supervision inspectors from all sectors: construction-building, electrical, sanitary, road, telecommunications, information tele-technical et al. We also work hand-in-hand with design offices.

Accounting Department

As we provide accounting services for firms representing a wide array of interests; this department is also composed of experts with various specialisations including: investment accounting, accounting of housing communities, and human resources.

Consulting Department

Prime Project specialists from the Consulting department support the other departments of the company, providing services for our clients in the following areas:

  • Consultancy in the area of conducting business activity
  • Financial Consultancy - We indicate the possible methods of financing and refinancing of the investments, negotiate with financial institutions, handle debt services
  • Public Tenders - At the client's request, for both public and private entities, we provide advice and prepare tenders and other proceedings in accordance with public procurement law
  • Insurance - Appropriately selected insurance coverage is very important both in respect to real estate management and in the construction process. In order to ensure that the insurance variant offered by us is optimized and the client is protected against risk, our experts work with the biggest global insurance broker – AON).