Opening of town-house "Under the Golden Dog"

The general overhaul of this building was another investment under which Prime Project carried out the function of Project Management Company. The works were started in 2010, and the total area of the building is nearly 1,850 m². In addition to the general construction and installation works, the overhaul also included works on the Wita Stwosza street façade (replacement of the windows and the entire entrance and lobby of the office building). The original interior design, attention to the smallest detail and high quality of materials used resulted in the town-house completely changing its appearance, meaning it now offers modern and comfortable office space in a turn-key state. The reconstruction works included connecting the existing restaurant (operating in the cellar for over 10 years) with its newly built addition on the first floor via stairs and freight elevator. In addition to service premises, the ground floor now also accommodates a stylish Italian style ice-cream parlour/café "Amorino". After completion of the overhaul, the previous lessees returned to the building – SKOK and SPRI (government organisation of the Bask Country operating in Wrocław).

Opening of Quantum Oławska building

Prime Project completed the project management task connected with the overhaul and modernization of the listed building at 11 Oławska Street. The building of the former Wrocław Graphic Works regained its prior glamour and glory. Designed by Swiss architect Sepp Kaiser in the modernistic style and erected in 1930-1931 for Clemens and August Brenninkmeyer – the founders of the C&A clothes network - the department store was, before World War II, the third largest department store in Wrocław behind contemporaries “Kameleon" and “Renoma". After construction, it housed the printing works of the Czytelnik publishing company, and from the 1970's to the 1990's it was the headquarters of Wrocław Graphic Works as well. Following the overhaul - conducted by a new owner Quantum Project sp. z o.o. - the building expertly combines the past with the present, as the investor has managed to create a comfortable retail and office space in an open space layout. The entire space is dedicated to leasing, while the retail part (the ground floor and first floor) has already been leased to Marks & Spencer, the first office floor has been leased to press publisher Phoenix Press. Further commercialization of the building is in progress.

The official opening of the building took place on October 18th this year, which was attended by those with a hand in the investment process. After the official opening, the guests had a chance to watch a brief show and attend a small banquet with a string quartet accompaniment.

New contract of Prime Project

As result of winning a tender, Prime Project signed an agreement with the Jelenia Góra Municipality for investment supervision service concerning the construction of the hall at the Mechanical Schools Complex. The investment is scheduled to be completed at the end of September, 2013.

Student Dorm "Dwudziestolatka": completion of the works

Commissioned by the University of Wrocław, Prime Project carried out the duties of Project Management Company for the investment concerning the development of the land around the Student dorm including the construction of a fire road, auxiliary architectural elements and their networks, reconstruction of the garage into a refuse collection area and the installation of external monitoring cameras. The value of the supervised works amounted to over 1.7 M PLN.

New facades of Student Dormitories Słowianka and Parawanowiec:

Through the order of the University of Wrocław, Prime Project served the role of Project Management Company for the investment regarding the overhaul of the elevations including installation of thermal insulation, repair of the roof and hydrolisation of underground parts of the building and development of the land with an area of 2,870 m² at both student dormitories located in Wrocław at 26-28 Grunwaldski Square. The total area of the refurnished buildings is over 6,500 m², and the value of the supervised works in the general construction sector and sanitary sector amounted to nearly 2.7 M PLN.

Completed overhaul of addictions outpatient clinic

Prime Project performed the duties of a Project Management Company at the order of the Wrocław Health Centre in connection with the overhaul of the Addictions Outpatient Clinic at Wszystkich Świętych street in Wrocław. As the agreement dictated, the company supervised the works at the historically protected building in the general construction, sanitary and electrical disciplines. The overhaul of the facility of over 6,000 m² took 10 months and the value of the works amounted to over 2.5 M PLN.

Completion of commercialization of the building managed by Prime Project

Hays Poland sp. z o.o. joined the group of lessees of the modernised town-house at Rynek 1 / Św. Mikołaja 81 in Wrocław. The other lessees of the building include Bank Pekao S.A., legal office GWW, ST Projekt associated with German company ST BAU Holding, Beauty Medicine Clinic "La Beauté Clinique" and one of the most popular restaurants/pubs in Wrocław – "Przedwojenna". Each lessee is currently using one storey of the building, totalling 1,736m². With the most recent signing, the building has been leased out completely.

Ząbkowice Śląskie: commissioning of the new building of the District Court

At the order of the project investor, the District Court in Świdnica, Prime Project has carried out comprehensive investment supervision in the construction, sanitary, electrical and tele-technical disciplines. The investment entitled "Construction of the building of the new headquarters of the District Court including the necessary auxiliary infrastructure encompassing access roads, car parks, auxiliary architecture and development of green areas in Ząbkowice Śląskie at 1 Świerkowa Street" was valued at over 30 M PLN, and was supervised by Prime Project from 2009 to 2011.

Extension of the agreement for the management of the building at Piłsudskiego Street

Prime Project signed an annex extending the management contract of the office building at 76-78 Piłsudskiego Street, whose co-owners and users are 4 institutions: Wrocław County, the Wrocław Field Office of the Supreme Audit Chamber, the Appellate Public Prosecutor's Office and the Lower Silesian Geodetic and Agricultural Land Office. The total area of the building managed by Prime Project starting in September 2011 is approximately 4,300 m². The contract has been extended for another year and is currently set to expire on March, 30th 2013.

New client of the Management Department of Prime Project

PLAN Design Office resolved to transfer the management of the office-service building at 93b Żmigrodzka Street in Wrocław to Prime Project, which in 2011 won first prize in the "Beautiful Wrocław" competition in the public utility buildings category. PLAN - Jadwiga Mierzejewska-Hanisz and Szymon Hanisz - is the creator of the design and owner of the building, and also has its headquarters and workrooms in the building. The area of the building is approximately 500 m², and the space is divided into 7 independent offices equipped with their own rest-room facilities and one shared conference room. The flexibility and changeable floor-plan of the interior space was an integral aspect of the design. The building has two storeys and each has steel mezzanines suspended to the floor-ceiling assembly. A car park is located in front of the building. The main lessee of the building is currently a company from the IT sector – MADU sc.

Extension of the scope of real estate management services

Kinnarps Polska sp. z o.o., the owner of Office Interiors building in Bielany Wrocławskie, decided to enhance the scope of its real estate management services (provided by Prime Project since 1 December 2008). The 4-storey building of Kinnarps – the European leader in office and public space equipment - is approximately 7,500 m², combines display, educational and office spaces. In addition to the offices, retail-service space and the showroom the building also accommodates a spacious internal foyer with reception area and a café and a mezzanine, 2 multimedia conference rooms, a green terrace on the roof between the buildings and underground car park for several dozen cars. At present, the main lessees are: Eurovia, GetSix, Exence, OTTO, Takachicho, Schlegel.