Agreements with University of Wrocław

Thanks to a winning tender, Prime Project has finalised two agreements with the University of Wrocław to carry out the function of Supervision Inspector. The two tasks were planned under the following investments: 1. "Overhaul of the elevation and the roof including land development at Student Hostel "Słowianka"and "Parawanowiec" 2. "Development of the land including the construction of a fire road, auxiliary architecture elements and the network at Student Hostel "Dwudziestolatka" in Wrocław". Completion of the works is projected for the third quarter of 2012.

Official opening of the sports-entertainment hall in Bierutów

Prime Project provided comprehensive investment supervision for the biggest investment in the Bierutów Municipality. A modern sports-entertainment hall at the elementary school in Bierutów was built under "The Sports Resources Development Programme in Lower Silesian Voivodeship for the years 2010-2012". The official opening of the facility - which features several sports fields, a large area for spectators, and a power gym and fitness room - took place on the 4th of October 2011.

WM Horyzont starts collaboration with Prime Project

Housing Community "Horyzont" started collaboration with Prime Project in the management of joint real estate, administration service and accounting service. Pursuant to the concluded agreement we manage the joint parts of residential multi-family real estate, which accommodates 82 units, with a total usable area of nearly 5,500 m². The Horyzont estate was built in 2008 at the corner of Rakietowa and Buczacka Streets in Wrocław. It consists of three two-storey buildings with usable lofts and underground car park. The property is fenced and is monitored and protected on a 24-hour basis.

Extension of the lease agreement with ING Bank Śląski

Prime Project has successfully completed a months-long negotiation regarding a long-term lease agreement with Bank Śląski, which has its Wrocław headquarters in a building at 72 Szewska street. The bank will use over 2,300 m²; including the front office hall on the ground floor, 3 storeys of back offices and 15 parking spaces in the underground car park.

WM Tumska Residence – new facility managed by Prime Project

Prime Project has started management of joint real estate of the residential part of the prestigious residential-service building located in the centre of Wrocław at the corner of Prusa and Bema streets. Housing Community "Tumska Residence" assigned the company the management of 78 apartments and an underground car park for 90 cars , representing a total area of over 9,000 m². The WM Tumska Residence is a modern 7-storey building combining office, service and residential functions. It is functionally divided into two parts: an office part and a smaller residential part. These parts are divided by an internal atrium, which is highlighted by an illuminated fountain. The residential part encompasses 6 storeys which are connected by modern lifts, along with access to the underground car park.

New agreement for real estate management

As a result of winning a tender, Prime Project has started providing services in the management of a joint real estate project located in Wrocław at 15-17 Piłsudskiego Street. The property is a five-storey office building with a usable area of approximately 4,300 m², whose occupants currently include: Wrocław County, Supreme Audit Chamber, Appellate Public Prosecutor's Office in Wrocław, Lower Silesian Geodetic and Agricultural Land Office and the State Treasury.