Contract for Project Management Services

Prime Project signed an agreement for project management services with WSGD to cover the general overhaul of the administration/office building located right in the centre of Wrocław – the town-house "Under the Golden Dog". The investor plans a comprehensive renovation of the facility encompassing not just the building and installation works inside, but also including renovation of the Wita Stwosza street elevation. Upon completion of the works, the town-house will receive a modern makeover adhering to the highest quality standards and the office and service space offered will meet the standards of even the most demanding clients.

Agreement for the management of joint real estate - WM Legnicka Park Popowice

Prime Project started the management of the common property of a residential part in a large residential-retail-service facility. The residential part of the building accommodates 202 apartments including supplemental areas and 22 service-retail premises as well as a two-storey underground car park, of a total usable area of nearly 21,000 m². The construction of this large, multi-functional facility was completed in 2009. It is located on a main transportation route of Wrocław - Legnicka Street, which makes it very attractive in terms of accessibility. The building is modern and functional, while the bold colour of the façade has already made it a characteristic landmark in this part of the city.

New client of Prime Project – Wita Stwosza - Golden Dog sp. z o.o. sp. k.

Prime Project started extensive cooperation with Wita Stwosza - Golden Dog sp. z o.o. sp. k. The new client assigned us to keep their accounting books, which was accompanied by a correspondence collection service and the management of the real estate property. The town-house "Under the Golden Dog" is a building adapted to an office and service function with a usable area of over 1,800 m². Originally it was a richly ornamented, baroque town-house, which has been reconstructed several times during its long history. The building was most recently redone in 1994.